Hi there,

my name is Jason Wheeler and I’m a big fan of Sea Fishing Games and Fishing Games in general. I’ve been fishing for many years in real life but I caught my first digital fish much earlier than that in a game called Jack Charlton’s Match Fishing on the Commodore 64 which was released in 1985.

Many people ask me why I play fishing games and the answer is quite simple: Because I don’t always have the time to go out and actually fish! Games are easy to pick up and easy to put away again without getting all your gear together. Of course there is no substitute to actually fighting a real fish and catching them but this is as close as you can get and sometimes you can almost get as much pleasure out of it.

I made this website because there are a lot of games out there but while searching I found it was quite difficult to get even the most basic information about many games. How many different species are there in this game? What kind of gear can you get? Is there more than just fishing in this game?

All of these questions are often not answered until you actually play the game and see for yourself or you will have to search the web until you find what you’re looking for which is not always the case. To save you the hassle I have collected a lot of information on many fishing games released which you will find on this website.

Take a look around the site and I hope what you find will be useful to you.

Happy (digital) fishing!

P.S. I’ve added a review of Fishing Resort for the Wii which is fast becoming one of my all time favorite Fishing Games. You can read the review why over here.
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