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Gone Fishin’ Digital Fresh Water Fishing was released by Amtex in 1994 and many digital fishermen loved it straight away. It had high resolution graphics and offered many different lures and baits to catch a variety of fish. However what was the most impressive is that it had the entire Bay of Quinte map in the [...]

Shimano Xtreme Fishing isn’t like your average fishing game. Sure there is a mode which lets you use a fishing rod and a lure to catch your fish the regular way but there are two modes which are a bit more extreme. The first is bow fishing where you stand on a boat or the [...]

Bass Fishing Games are the most common type of fishing game around, this is a good thing if you like Bass Fishing but not so great if you want some more variety. I don’t mind a game focusing on a particular subject but many games focus so much that they completely neglect other species. The [...]