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Surprisingly there are not that many Fishing Games out there that focus on Big Game Fishing but Virtual Deep Sea Fishing is one of those games. 18 different saltwater fish species can be caught including marlin, wahoo, sailfish and even a great white shark that can weigh up to several thousand pounds! Since this is [...]

Sega Marine Fishing was released in the year 2000 for the arcades, Sega Dreamcast and PC systems. It’s similar to Sega Bass Fishing but this time the focus is on Sea Fishing. Once again the arcade gave you a fishing rod controller which was attached to the cabinet with a cable that would actually pull [...]

Shimano Xtreme Fishing isn’t like your average fishing game. Sure there is a mode which lets you use a fishing rod and a lure to catch your fish the regular way but there are two modes which are a bit more extreme. The first is bow fishing where you stand on a boat or the [...]

Fishing Resort does not focus on sea fishing alone but give you a chance to fish wherever you find water on the resort you are visiting. Luckily since it is an island resort there are many different saltwater species you can catch. The game has an impressive line up of over 200 species some of [...]

Fishing Master World Tour is the sequel to Fishing Master which are both released for the Nintendo Wii. This time you can fish all over the world in eight different regions: Japan, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and the Isle of Mystery. Each region has several different locations adding up to over [...]