A lot of people like to play fishing games for various reasons and kids are no exception. Some games are more suited for kids as they are less realistic so they can be easily picked up and played for a short while. There are games that are designed to be fishing games for kids from the start with cartoon like graphics and all sorts of mini games some of which you can play with up to 4 players for some multiplayer fun.

Rapala for Kinect

Rapala for KinectRapala for Kinect is only available on the Xbox 360 and like the title suggests it uses the kinect system to control the game. You will have to move like you would when you were holding a rod to cast and reel in the fish but there are other activities as well like boat races which two players can do simultaneously.

There are 20 species of fish you can catch and since the game bares the Rapala name you are sure to find plenty of different lures and equipment of different colors, styles and sizes that you can unlock. The lures even talk to you giving you advice on one occasion but sometimes they will just tease or taunt you instead.

Everything in the game is geared towards kids, it has fast paced 45 second fish battles, and you can use your Xbox avatar and play with your friends as well.

If you own an Xbox 360 and are looking for a fishing game for you kids you won’t find much better than this.

Fishing Craze

Fishing CrazeFishing Craze for the PC is a fun fishing game quite unique because it looks a lot like a game you would play on a mobile device. You view the game from a 2D sideview unlike most 3D fishing games and you can see everything in the water as well.


There are plenty of different fish species to catch and some of them are downright weird like electric eels and a lot of other surprising fish. The main mode of play is the tournament mode where you travel in your truck and try to gather as much point as you can while climbing the ranks.

It’s not an overly complicated game but it doesn’t need to, just pick up this game and start fishing right away.

Fishing Master

Fishing MasterFishing Master is exactly what you would expect from a kids fishing game. The graphics are nice and colorful, there are plenty of different places to fish and species to catch. You can play with up to four players at once and there is even a fish encyclopedia so you can learn to become a true Fishing Master.

There is actually a back story to the game: You start as a novice fisherman and your grandfathers wants you to learn and become a fishing master. He often gives you advice as he has plenty of experience in the field. During your quest you can buy new baits and poles and new areas will open up to you where you will be able to find new fish species for you to catch. There are over 100 species in total and there are many monsters lurking in the depths just waiting for you to come by, not all of them are real but that doesn’t matter one bit.

All the little things you can do and earn will have you keep coming back for more and eventually you will want to get that ultimate goal: To catch every species in the game and become a true Fishing Master!

There is also a sequel called Fishing Master World Tour which features more places to fish and double the species of fish you can catch, what more can you ask for!


Rapala: We Fish

Rapala We FishYou know a game doesn’t take itself seriously when the fish talk to you and that is exactly what happens in Rapala: We Fish. More of a party game than a pure Fishing Game for Kids with 24 tournaments and 8 global fishing spots. Since it is a party game there is a four-player split screen mode where three of your friends van battle it out with you. Race them in your boat collecting power ups to the fishing spot and catch the biggest fish before you race them back again to the finish line.

With over 50 species of fish, each with a different personality, you won’t get bored easily.

So are these the BEST Fishing Games for Kids? Well I think they’re pretty good but they are fun for the whole family and not just kids!