fishing master world tour - coverFishing Master World Tour is the sequel to Fishing Master which are both released for the Nintendo Wii. This time you can fish all over the world in eight different regions: Japan, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and the Isle of Mystery.

Each region has several different locations adding up to over 40 spots where you can fish, these are quite varied as one spot has you fishing a fountain in Venice but another lets you steer a boat and do some deep sea fishing.

You can have a pet dog or cat join you in your world tour which is fun by itself because they will often react to what you are doing. However when you are walking around the fishing spot they might dig up a free lure for you which is great but sometimes the surprise isn’t a good one!

As with most Fishing Games you can do quests to earn points but in this game you won’t have to do fetch quests or anything as they all involve catching certain fish or a set number of fish. Points allow you to buy new bait, 20 saltwater and 15 freshwater baits in total. The only bait which is available in unlimited quantities is the old lugworm for saltwater fishing and the earthworm for freshwater fishing. Many of the rarer fish will only bite certain baits and it’s up to you to find out which one works best which is part of the fun.

Fishing is straightforward, you select the country and place you want to fish and you will be transported to the shore or boat. In the water you will see shadows of all the fish swimming there in various sizes and if you make a proper cast and the fish likes the lure he will bite and you can try and reel him in. When you are fishing on the ocean you will not see any shadows but you can cast towards splashes in the water which are most likely to hold some fish.

fishing master world tour - directions

Not all fish will be easy to catch which is especially true for fish that are represented by a pink shadow, these are the monsters of legend which only appear in certain seasons and will only go for a single bait. Even then if you’ve got a bite you will have one heck of a time reeling them in!

With over 200 species of fish you will need a long time to catch every one of them, the rarest fish aren’t found in any other fishing game. Fish like the megamouth shark, bullhead shark, snake eel and manta ray to name but a few of them.

The game is well suited for kids because it is quite forgiving, each cast will almost certainly have a fish bite the lure and catching them is not extremely difficult. The difficulty lies in catching the rare species all over the world. Add to that the four player mode and you’ve got plenty of things to do and try. The characters and fish are all very cartoonish so you shouldn’t expect any realistic graphics but they fit the game well. The large onscreen instructions will help you catch the fish and teach you what to do and when to do it.

Fishing master world tour is one of the best fishing games currently available, anyone who likes to fish digitally should play this game.

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fishing master world tour - trolling