fishing resort - coverFishing Resort does not focus on sea fishing alone but give you a chance to fish wherever you find water on the resort you are visiting. Luckily since it is an island resort there are many different saltwater species you can catch. The game has an impressive line up of over 200 species some of which are extremely rare in the real world like the King of Herrings or Coelacanth. Other fish are more common like Bass, Pollock, Trevally and Grouper but there are so many species I simply can’t list all of them here.

You start the game with a basic fishing kit which can only catch tiny species but each fish you catch will give you points which are basically money in this game. There are many different ways to earn point which do not involve fishing at all like doing quests for the locals fetching items or taking pictures. Many tasks will need you to fish of course like catching a set number of fish from a lake or catching a certain species of fish.

Other ways you can earn point is by winning tournaments with such objects as catching the biggest fish or the most number of fish. Competing is not for free though as you must pay point in order to enter the competition.

fishing resort - the King of Herrings

The King of Herrings is one of the rare species of fish in Fishing Resort.

During the game you can win awards by accomplishing certain feats, there are three types of awards: Common, Special and Miraculous. All rewards will give you extra points but the miraculous one will give you a bonus such as the ability to change your hair, add special fish to your aquarium or maybe even get the best fishing kit in the game. Hunting after the awards will take you ages and some can only be won after you’ve completed insane tasks like catch every species of fish in the game or win all the tournaments with a platinum medal.

So what are you supposed to do with all those points then? Well for starters you have to buy new equipment like rods and lures to be able to catch bigger fish with and competitions require an entrance fee. Since this is still a Fishing RESORT there are things to do like renting vehicles like bikes and canoes to get around a go sightseeing, take pictures or buy new clothes and other items. You can also take a  tour of the dream aquarium which is as big an aquarium as you can build in the game.

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What was that? You can build your own aquarium? YES!

fishing resort - aquarium

The aquarium in Fishing Resort is fun to experience.

After finishing a certain quest in the game you are made the director of the aquarium and you will be responsible for building and upgrading the tanks, catching the fish to put in the tanks and run it as a business so that more and more people visit the aquarium. Of course when you want to have a break you can walk around as well and enjoy the view. Some awards will unlock species which you cannot catch yourself so this is the only way to see them.

You will need to spend huge amount of points to upgrade and build the entire aquarium to it’s maximum potential. This can be frustrating but it gives a great feeling of accomplishment when you add another tank and see the fish swim inside of them. This feature is one of my favourite parts in the game and by itself would be enough to be called an aquarium game if it were up to me.

With all this talk about things you’d think the fishing plays a small part in the game but it’s far from that. The fishing part of the game is very well done and uses the Wii remote as a rod and the nunchuk as a reel. Your movements with the controls can be very precise as slightly angling the remote when reeling in a fish will apply pressure to the line, too much and you´ll lose the catch but do it right and you might just land that trophy fish!

Some versions of the game have a fishing rod controller included which add greatly to the feel of the game but it is optional and not required to play the game.

fishing resort - scenery

You can tell the scenery in Fishing Resort is nice to look at.

The game looks like a (Japanese) cartoon but despite that they are very nice to look at. The environments can be extremely detailed at times and the water and cloud effects are quite realistic. Overall this has become one of my favourite Fishing Games to date and it isn´t hard to understand why so many people give it five out of five stars.

If you like fishing games then this game is simply a must have!

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