Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 review - coverRapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 pits you against real fishing pros using equipment modelled after real Rapala items. As such you will be presented with tons of state of the art lures, rods and other high-tech accessories like GPS and fishfinders.

The main object of the game is to participate in the tournaments starting from rookie to pro and finally to Legendary. Each tournament consists of four tiers where you must complete tasks to gain points as well as unlock more gear as you climb up the ladder. Every challenge has a primary and secondary objective, both are counted towards the winning score but items can only be unlocked if you do well on the primary objective.

Objectives are quite varied and can include such things as the most number of fish, the largest or heaviest fish. These are actually the easiest to perform but in the later stages of the tournaments they are combined so the object is to catch large numbers of fish within a time limit while minimum sizes are increased!

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The fun thing about Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 is that the seasons and time of day come into play. Some fish come out in the morning but others are easier to catch at night or in the afternoon. There are 25 species in the game and they include all the most common fish in North America like bass, crappie, Northern Pike, Muskellunge, sunfish, walley and more. The seven venues available might seem a bit limiting but they are quite big and you will need to unlock a fast boat to get around them fast enough for you to win some of the later challenges.

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 review - big bass jumping

Check out the realistic graphics when a Big Bass jumps out of the water

This is probably one of the most realistic bass fishing games there are. I already mentioned the sponsored items such as the lures and other fishing equipment you can use in the game. The graphics are also top notch down to the water surface, ripples, shadows, for and much more. I especially like the effects when you hook a big bass and he jumps out of the water while you fight him, amazing!

This game was released for many different systems so you are sure to find a copy that you can play. Some even include a fishing controller if you’re willing to spend some cash on it.

Many consider this to be not only one of the best bass fishing games around but one of the best fishing games period! It’s not difficult to see why.

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