Sega Bass Fishing Review - coverSega Bass Fishing, also known as Get Bass, was first released in the arcades where the controller was an actual fishing pole and the rod was connected to the machine on a line that would actually move and pull. This made the game very realistic because you can actually feel the fish fighting you. It was one of the coolest fishing games I ever played so I was really excited to see it released on the Sega Dreamcast later with a fishing rod controller.

As the name suggest this game is all about Bass Fishing and there are only four species in the entire game you can catch, two largemouth and two smallmouth bass. Also there are about fifteen different areas where you can fish but the arcade mode will only require you to win in four areas.
In the arcade mode you are given a set amount of time and a target weight of fish to catch. Each area in the game has to be fished in succession and as soon as you select a lure you see yourself standing on a boat which you can move left or right. The casting distance is actually always the same and there is even an arrow indication where it will fall into the water. Then it´s a matter of reeling in the lure and hope a Big Bass with take the lure.

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Sega Bass Fishing Review - arcade

This is the arcade cabinet of Sega Bass Fishing.

Catching a fish will give you some bonus time but in this mode it pays to only go after the bigger fish as catching too many small ones will take too much time. Luckily  you can actually see the size of the fish going after the lure and if a small one goes after it you can hold the rod still instead of hooking the fish. When you have caught enough fish then you can fish the next area.

Practice and nature trip mode lets you fish without any time limits which is basically a free fishing mode, the only difference is in nature trip mode you hear nature sounds instead of music which is rather relaxing.

Tournament mode is a competition where you have compete against other fisherman but all of them are sadly not visible ingame, you only see their names. You fish in ten different spots and the more and bigger Bass you catch will add to your score. Once again each spot has a time limit of 4 to 10 minutes in which you have to catch as many bass as you can. If you don´t make the top ten in points you are eliminated from the tournament and it´s game over.
The controls in the Wii version are much like the old fishing controller where you crank the the nunchuck to reel in the fish. It’s not as accurate though and you might lose a fish or two because there is no feedback but as with any fish you’re never sure to catch a fish anyway and it wouldn’t be fun it you did all the time.

Sega Bass Fishing Review - caught a fish
The regular lures you get when you start will only land you average fish so you should play the tournament mode to win new ones so you can try and catch the monsters that await.
My biggest issue with the game is that you only have to reel in the fish close to the boat for it to be caught so if a Bass takes the lure 5 feet from the boat you´ll be able to catch him in mere seconds.

If you’re looking for a realistic bass fishing games then you should try a game like Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 . Sega Bass Fishing is a fun arcade type fishing game but don’t expect it to last for ages however for a quick digital bass fishing trip this is perfect.

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