Shimano Xtreme Fishing - coverShimano Xtreme Fishing isn’t like your average fishing game. Sure there is a mode which lets you use a fishing rod and a lure to catch your fish the regular way but there are two modes which are a bit more extreme.

The first is bow fishing where you stand on a boat or the shore while you ready your bow and arrow or crossbow to catch fish. You cannot control the movement of the boat as you automatically move around while you shoot fish. The controls are very easy as you just point the remote at the screen and shoot when you see a fish, if it’s a hit you have to yerk the wiimotion controller in the proper direction and you land the fish. You have unlimited arrows and the fish are plenty so you will have lots of chances to catch fish.

There is even a multiplayer mode where a couple of people have to compete to catch as many and as heavy a fish with a bow. This mode is quite fun and I’m fairly sure you won’t find any other bow fishing game around.

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The second “extreme” way of fishing is to put on some scuba diving gear and use your speargun to try and catch fish. This mode is a lot like the bow fishing mode as you cannot control which direction you travel in but you can only shoot. Apart from the regular fish you can catch you should watch for predators like sharks and alligators, you can’t catch these but you will have to spear them several times before they bite you and take away your hard earned points. In both extreme fishing game types you have an unlimited amount of ammo which helps keep the nasties at bay and allow you to catch the fish you want.
Shimano Xtreme Fishing - Scuba Diving

Points can be earned in tournaments where you have to accomplish goals like catch a certain species of fish or a fish that weighs at least a set amount. When you win medals you are treated to more features like exotic locations such as the Amazon, better equipment and accessories. You can get extra points if you catch monster fish or catching multiple fish in a row. If you want to relax a bit you can just play in free fish mode and try to catch a personal best or get a couple of friends together and go fishing in a free for all with up to four players.

Not everyone might like the idea of bow or spear fishing but it definitely adds to the fishing games genre where there are so many games which offer the same features. Just don’t expect anything near a realistic fishing game as it is a pure arcade fishing game with plenty of fish around for you to catch.

One thing to keep in mind is that this game is rated T for Teen as there is blood and some violence when you are attacked by underwater predators like sharks and alligators.

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