Bass Fishing Games are the most common type of fishing game around, this is a good thing if you like Bass Fishing but not so great if you want some more variety. I don’t mind a game focusing on a particular subject but many games focus so much that they completely neglect other species. The prime example of this is Sega Bass Fishing in which there are only four species of fish you can catch, ALL of them Bass. Mind you that is actually a great game so focus can be good.

I’m here to show you the best of the lot so you don’t have to weed out the bad apples for yourself. Of course everyone has their own preferences so I’ll try to include a lot of information so you can make up you own mind.

Things to keep in mind when looking for Bass Fishing Games
First of all check to see which system the game is released for, many games these days are released for different consoles and some versions might get higher ratings. The Nintendo Wii lends itself well for fishing games because of it’s controller and some fishing games are released only on that system because of this.

If you think it’s important to catch a lot of different fish other than bass then you should always check the number of species the game has. I like catching all kinds of species and it only gives you more incentive to go out and find that particular fish you are looking for. Some games also give you quests or an objective for a tournament that involve catching certain fish species.

Remember that many Bass Fishing Games these days fall into the category Realistic Fishing Games. Some even have lakes which are copies of their real life locations. Realism doesn’t match well with huge numbers of species and fishing spots, it’s either one or the other.

The amount of lures available in the game is not always advertised but on most newer games they are because if you’ve ever fished before you should know that there are a ton of lures available. Trying different kinds of lures is one of the fun aspects of fishing, one color might not do anything while another will get the fish into a feeding frenzy!

Different locations give you variety and the developers know this so they will usually display it on the box how many there are. Often when there are a lot of venues to fish in the types of fish will also vary a lot.

Top 3 Bass Fishing Games

Sega Bass Fishing

Sega Bass FishingAs the name suggest this game is all about Bass Fishing and there are only four species in the entire game you can catch, two largemouth and two smallmouth. Because the game was primarily an arcade game there are only 10 different spots to fish in.

There are several modes of play, arcade where you try to catch fish with a total weight within the time limit, practice mode and tournament mode where you fish in ten different spots to score the most points. In the Wii version which was recently released they added a Nature Trip mode where you can fish without strict time limits and can listen to some tunes, basically a free fishing mode.

Being an arcade game at it’s heart the gameplay is adjusted accordingly and you should not expect to see a realistic fishing game. What it does mean is that the fight is fast and furious and a little too much pressure on the line will snap it in no time.

All in all Sega Bass Fishing is a fun arcade type fishing game but don’t expect it to last for ages. For a quick digital fishing trip this is perfect.

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Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 pits you against real fishing pros using equipment modelled after real Rapala items. As such you will be presented with tons of state of the art lures, rods and other high-tech accessories like GPS and fishfinders.

The main object of the game is to participate in the tournaments starting from rookie to pro and finally to Legendary. Each tournament consists of four tiers where you must complete tasks to gain points as well as unlock more gear as you climb up the ladder. Every challenge has a primary and secondary objective, both are counted towards the winning score but items can only be unlocked if you do well on the primary objective.

Objectives are quite varied and can include such things as the most number of fish, the largest or heaviest fish. These are actually the easiest to perform but in the later stages of the tournaments they are combined so the object is to catch large numbers of fish within a time limit while minimum sizes are increased!

This game was released for many different systems so you are sure to find a copy that you can play. Some even include a fishing controller if you’re willing to spend some cash on it.
Many consider this to be not only one of the best bass fishing games around but one of the best fishing games period! It’s not difficult to see why.
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Bass Pro Shops The StrikeBass Pro Shops: The Strike might look like yet another fishing game but it has some distinguishing features that set it apart from the rest. There are only seven lakes to fish in but each is modelled after a real lake like lake Champlain and Lake Amistad. Each lake has the proper dimensions and they even have some landmarks you might recognize.
The realism in this game is higher than most others in this genre apart from the scenery, reeling in a fish isn’t simply getting them to the boat but you have to actually fight them till they are tired before you can land them.

Gameplay wise it’s not that different from other Bass Fishing Games, you can free fish, start a fishing career or compete in a tournament. The goal for a competition is always to catch the 5 biggest fish of a certain species, all of them are bass. You can catch other species like Pike or Walleye but they are not counted towards the victory. Each tournament lasts for 20 minutes including the time it´s takes you to get around the lake, come in late and you´ll lose points.
To add a little bit of flavour there are some mini games you can play as well such as a casting competition and boat racing among others.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike has plenty to offer for fishing game fans and with it´s license it only adds to the realism. If you like realistic Bass Fishing Games then you can’t go wrong with this one.

These are only three of the Bass Fishing Games around but there are a lot more, for systems which are no longer sold there is an even bigger library of fishing games around. I’ve made a list of almost 50 fishing games which are available today and whenever I have some spare time I’ll be sure to add a review for some of them.