virtual deep sea fishing review - coverSurprisingly there are not that many Fishing Games out there that focus on Big Game Fishing but Virtual Deep Sea Fishing is one of those games. 18 different saltwater fish species can be caught including marlin, wahoo, sailfish and even a great white shark that can weigh up to several thousand pounds!

Since this is a Deep Sea Fishing game you will need to have a boat of some sort to actually stand a chance of catching something. There are eight boats available to you each with their own specifications. Forward speeed, reverse speed and turning speed are the important things to look for in a deep sea fishing boat.

First you need to find a fishing spot which is rather hard because the ocean is pretty big and there are no landmarks or anything to guide you. Once you happen upon a good spot you can press a button to put the lure in the water. In deep sea fishing there is no such thing as casting as anyone who has been there knows the equipment is far too heavy to actually cast. Just lower the bait in the water behind the boat and gravity will do the rest.

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When the rod is in the water it’s a matter of trolling around and waiting for a fish to bite. Once it happens you’ll have to get busy because not only will you be handling the rod and reel but you also have to steer the boat around. Big game fishing can’t be done with just a rod, the fish are simply too big and you have to use the movement of the boat to compensate. Each fish species will need to be hooked and played in a different way which is the big challenge of the game not to mention some fish will only take some baits so just hooking them will be an effort.

virtual deep sea fishing review - marlin
Visually you should not expect too much, most of the time you stare at the ocean with no landmark or visuals whatsoever regardless of where you are. The characters are also not too lifelike and are very square. Some of the fish models look nice though and you can see them when they jump out of the water. Weird thing is that just as you are about to land the fish it will show them underwater, something that could easily have been changed to make it slightly more interesting.

Perhaps the biggest reason why Big Game Fishing is not very popular as a game is because it is somewhat boring, there is no other way of saying it. I’ve seen plenty of times where people go out on a boat and go deep sea fishing and at the end of the day there is nothing to show for. Virtual Deep Sea Fishing captures the essence well with strips of nothing and then BAM a fish takes the bait and you have to try and reel him in. Good thing it isn’t TOO realistic because the bites are far more common than in real life fishing which is nice as tournaments last between 5 and 30 minutes.
There is no substitute for real life fishing even more so with these big saltwater species but at least virtual deep sea fishing gives you some of that feel without costing you an arm and a leg.

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